2' x 3' Cowhide Patchwork Area Rug

Yee Haw Ranch Outfitters

$ 75.00

This is very modern looking cowhide rug. It could bring a touch of country to a big city home.  These rugs are 24" x 36". They are all made of genuine cowhide. 

Rug 1- light grey in a starish pattern

Rug2-  tan & beige in rectangles **

Rug3-  beige in a starish pattern 

Rug4- light grey & orange in a Art Deco style pattern 

Rug5- white & grey in a Art Deco style pattern 

Rug6- white, beige & grey in a fun design 

Rug7- white, grey, maroon & black in a modern design

These are patch work rugs. The pieces are glued. ** are stitched together 


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