Anderson Bean Big Bass and Sinsational Lime Square Toed Boot 3377M

Anderson Bean

$ 569.00

The Bass Antique Saddle comes from the Arapima fish that is commonly found in the Amazon. Some of the scales are raised, but that doesn’t affect the boots durability. In fact, the skin is pretty durable. The scales tend to curl up and become more defined with wear, but that is natural. Sinsation Lime tops and Bass Antique Saddle foot leather is a great color combination. You can wear these boots to casual events, weddings, meetings, church, or to any event that comes across your calendar. Anderson Bean style 3377M was specially made for our store. More size to come.

Style # 3377M

  • Square Toe
  • Antiqued Apariama Fish Foot
  • 13" Lime Green Kidskin Top
  • Pull Straps
  • Roper Heel
  • Leather Sole
  • Made In The USA

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